burrito – 3 Tasty But Non-authentic Mexican Food Recipes

Thursday Apr 15, 2010

3 Tasty But Non-authentic Mexican Food Recipes

Mexican food is almost as popular in the United States as it is in Mexico. With restaurants spread out across the country (as well as various Mexican meals in bars and clubs), it is not hard to find yourself eating some variation of Mexican food several times a week, especially if you are out often and not picky about your meal style.

But very few “Mexican food recipes” are actually authentic Mexican food, more often than not they are some Mexican inspired American food, often referred to as “Tex-Mex.” Often this food uses names like “Burrito,” which roughly translated means “little donkey.”

Still, though these Mexican food recipes may not be traditionally Mexican, that does not mean that they cannot be enjoyed regularly and made into delicious meals. There are several ways of cooking this non-authentic Mexican food that can make them taste more like a delicious cuisine and less like a fast food meal.

3 Tasty Food Ideas

1. The Super Nacho

One delicious twist on a popular Mexican food recipe is that of the better tasting nachos. Everyone has experienced the standard appetizer – place chips and cheese in a bowl and microwave. But there is a fun, tastier way to make nachos seem like more of a meal. Simply find yourself a package of large, round, fried yellow corn tortillas (approximately 6 inches or larger) and place it on a baking sheet. Get standard refried beans and spread it out across the “chip.” Then layer jalapenos, cheese, and whatever meats you like on top before placing it in the oven. This makes each tortilla its own separate meal, giving it a tastier flavor.

2. Gourmet Burritos

Burritos are another example of Mexican food recipes that are not traditionally Mexican (they are referred to as “soft tacos” and often come in smaller sizes). Still they are easy to make into delicious meals that are filling as well as simple to create. The burritos you get at fast food places tend to be small and containing only beans, cheese and meat. But you can easily make your burritos more gourmet by adding salad, salad dressing, fresh salsa and rice. All of these will essentially turn your burrito into a healthy, full, and flavorful meal.

3. Chalupas

lupas actually are authentic Mexican cuisine, but they have been seen on Taco Bell commercials for so long that most people do not know how any of the authentic Mexican food recipes. To make a Chalupa, you simply need to find the bowl-like chalupa shells, fill it with your favorite beans, cheese, vegetables, sour cream, meats and peppers and you have a delicious and fresh meal that you will certainly enjoy.

It is not hard to find Mexican food recipes that make regular Mexican food (and Mexican inspired food) taste more complex and far more delicious than the standard fast food variety. And since this type of food is also easy to cook, there is no reason not to enjoy it whenever you are getting ready to pick your next meal.

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