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Saturday May 8, 2010

5 Ways To Ensure A Great Trip To The Us

Going to the United States is a very exciting trip. There is so much to do, and so much to see, that it can be a little overwhelming. Follow these five steps in order to better research your trip and make traveling a breeze.

1. Research, Research, Research With so much information on the web, any traveler knows that the first step to any successful trip is doing one’s homework. Use the sites listed below, Google maps, and travel forums and blogs to discuss personalized tips for your intended region. Be sure to know travel times and distances. These travel forums are filled with people who’ve been there before. Ask for their help. Experience is invaluable when it comes to travel.

2. Be Respectful When asking for help online, be respectful of other people’s country. You do not want to mix politics with travel advice. This is not the time to express an opinion. Just ask for help and go about your business.

3. Do Sitewide Searches Using Google is a no brainer, however most do not know of the ‘site:’ function. This powerful operator allows you to search through single websites. So if you have a travel forum or blog and you are looking for an answer regarding ‘Houston Texas’, just Google the following

site:examplesite.com Houston, Texas

Make sure to leave a space after the website you want to search.

4. Be Specific When you do as a question, be specific as possible. How much will something cost? Will it be hot, or cold? Where can I get a good burrito? How long should I stay? The more specific you are, the better someone can help you.

5. Check Out The Following Sites


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