burrito – A Man’s Burrito-fuego’s Texas Burrito Crowned Best Ever

Thursday Jun 3, 2010

A Man’s Burrito-fuego’s Texas Burrito Crowned Best Ever

As a long time resident of Cincinnati and a great fan of Mexican food, I have always been in search of that wonderful treasure that is the Best Burrito in all of Cincinnati and beyond.

I’ve always had a really personal relationship with good food (as we all do, I’m sure) almost to the point of being obsessed with food as some people are to smoking or even drugs. Years of my own research to reach this conclusion about myself has resulted in many a night out at various Mexican cuisine eateries around town. Throughout these various nights of research I quickly came to find out that I was especially fond of nothing more than Burritos. This quest for self discovery led me to my most important quest as of yet…to find the very best Burrito EVER.

My friends and family always thought I was crazy because of my obsession with my quest for the best burrito but I uncaringly brushed them off as ignorant and jealous of my future success. Even before Burritos were made popular by a certain burrito chain restaurant, I was already privy to the notion that one day burritos would become the staple of everyone’s lunch meal.

Although my vision still has not been fully realized, I can already see the beginning of what I call the “Burrito Era” and that vision will slowly become more evident once the revolution starts. Millions of people will come together to form a revolution to include the burrito as one of the major food groups. Mark my words: it is coming and change is afoot, if not already here.

The first hint of change begins now with the grand discovery of the Texas Burrito from Fuego’s Mexican Grill, a local eatery in Batavia, OH just outside of Cincinnati. This little gem is nestled between a golf practice course and a cigar shop near the heart of Batavia township.

From the look outside of this little hole in the wall, you’d never even fathom the idea that it holds the title of the best burrito ever. But once you go in and get a taste of that most important delicacy of the entire menu, the Texas Burrito, you will realize that Fuego’s Mexican Grill is worthy of reigning as the makers of the Best Burrito EVER.

Size, Shape, Smell, Taste and overall composition are the cri
tical factors that must be considered in order to objectively analyze any contenders you have the pleasure of studying. Comparatively speaking, Fuego’s Texas Burrito outdoes the rest I’ve ever tested by far.

Fuego’s Texas Burrito is the biggest I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. This burrito is literally a foot long, it is cylindrical shaped (of course) and about a good 6 inches in diameter. The Texas Burrito is no skinny wimpy burrito you might find in other places. This burrito is a man’s burrito, Argh…even makes you feel more manly after finishing this feast!

If looking at this amazing piece of mouthwatering beauty was not enough, the smell will surely take you over the edge. It smells simply divine, exquisite, even heavenly! The wonderful aroma of all of the different spices in the meat, the beans and the rice fill your entire body even before your first bite.

By the time you take your first nibble of this magnificent morsel of heaven, you are so full of anticipation, that you think you will be disappointed because everything you’ve seen and smelled couldn’t possibly live up to your expectations in taste.

But it does live up to your expectations and takes you to an even higher level of appreciation for exquisite ingredients that create a perfectly balanced and unforgettable combination of wonderful flavors. Before you know it, you are wolfing down this giant burrito that seems almost too small for your newly found voraciously endless appetite for this piece of perfection.

Your concerns over composition are irrelevant at this point even though for a split second you realize that this Texas Burrito is held together nicely thanks to the strategic placement of all of its zesty ingredients. This burrito is neither too soggy nor too stiff. It is….perfection in a plate!

By the time you finish eating the whole thing, you come back to earth and realize that the whole time you ate, you were so immersed and focused on the whole experience that you forgot and completely ignored everything else except that you were ONE with this Texas Burrito. That intimate experience that was created while you ate is the only indication you need in order to know in your whole being that you just had the BEST BURRITO EVER!

The revolution is coming!

By: Jerry Walker

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