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Sunday Mar 7, 2010

Meson Ole Mexican & Spanish Dinner

Like I have said before, I am no Gourmet Chef or expert on fine Cruise. I do how ever know what I like. Recently Me and a Buddy of mine stopped at the Meson Ole Dinner in Southampton on Long Island in NY, A Mexican and Spanish Restaurant.
Some of you may know I am a Biker, As any Biker knows some times the greetings we get when we walk into a place can be a look of “Oh No” and a half hearted “can I help you?”, Is it right? Well of course not, but that’s a different article. The Greeting We got at Meson Ole was a very warm friendly one and we felt welcomed in.
The Decor of the place was great and you could almost believe you where some where down in Mexico. We where promptly brought over some Nachos and Salsa and some fresh hot Bread and Butter. We ordered a Pitcher of Sangria, A drink I do not believe I have ever had before but I enjoyed none the less!
We ordered a Bunch of food and the Service was pretty fast. Now even the best service means nothing if the food is not good, Well the food was incredible. We ordered a set up where you made your own Pepper Steak Burritos and also a plate of Ham and Cheese Burritos. It was all made to perfection, The Pepper Steak was served in a separate pan and it was still sizzling when it was placed safely on the table ! I could not have been happier with the taste and preparation of the food! While we where enjoying the meal the waiter made sure we where happy at all times. When the Bread was finished more was served to us. We ate so much ran out of Burrito wraps, That is not a complaint because as soon as it was notice more where quickly brought to the Table.
eat at many places as I really love to eat, But some times I come across a place like the Meson Ole Dinner where I feel I must share the experience with others! I was happy to find out that the Meson Ole has 8 locations across Long Island NY and two in Naples Florida (That’s a bit of a big jump in the Chains Locations) Good food can sometimes be hard to find, Both Great Food and Great service at one place can be almost imposable to find these days! So If you are a fan of Mexican and Spanish Cuisine check out the Meson Ole Dinners in the Long Island NY area or when you are near Naples, Florida and let me know what you think of them.
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In tough economic times, we all need ways to save money. Stretching your food dollar is an excellent way to save money and eat well.

Two huge money wasters regarding food are eating out and wasting leftovers. It is not uncommon to spend $10 on a sandwich, fries, and a drink. My first thought is to imagine what I could have purchased at the grocery store for $10.

I can feed my family several meals for $10. I also imagine how healthy, or unhealthy, the meal is that costs $10. Fast food meals are typically loaded with calories, fat, sugar, and cholesterol.

Meal planning is very important to my family. Here is an example of a weekly meal plan designed to stretch your food dollar. Dried beans are very inexpensive. On Sunday, I will cook a large pot of pinto beans. I will also cook some chicken breasts in water and store the shredded meat.

You want to cook enough beans to last several meals. This will vary according to the number of people you are feeding. I save electricity and time by cooking my beans and chicken at one time rather than at each individual meal.

The Sunday meal will consist of a bowl of warm pinto beans topped with chow-chow or ketchup. I make a pan of cornbread, and serve the meal with a cold glass of buttermilk or sweet white milk. A green onion is a nice side addition, or a hunk of sweet Texas or Vidalia onion. Fresh sliced salted tomatoes, when available, are a tasty treat. My husband enjoys crumbling the cornbread in the bowl and ladling his soup beans on top. A side salad is optional.

Cornbread is a great breakfast or lunch staple. You can serve it warm with fresh honey, or crumbled in a glass of milk or buttermilk. Tortillas are great breakfast treats filled with scrambled eggs and cheese or warmed with honey inside.

On Monday, plain tortilla chips are spread evenly in a casserole dish for nachos. These are topped with a bed of shredded cheese, then layers of beans, shredded chicken, and jalapeno peppers. This is baked at 350 degrees until cheese is melted. The cheese base helps support the other additions. Add shredded lettuce to the top after baking, along with salsa and sour cream.

On Tuesday, more leftover pinto beans are mashed up to create refried beans for chicken bean burritos. Flour tortillas are warmed and spread down the center with the mashed beans. Add shredded lettuce, chicken, cheese, salsa, diced onions, jalapeno peppers, and roll up burrito style. Microwave the burritos quickly to melt the cheese. You can prepare burritos ahead of time and store in plastic wrap for quick re-heating later.

On Wednesday, I take fresh corn tortillas from the refrigerator and fry up crispy tostada shells. These are drained on brown paper bags. Refried beans are spread along the surface of the fresh cooked shells. Add shredded chicken, lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream, hot jalapeno peppers, and black olives. Now you have tasty pinto bean and chicken tostadas. These fresh shells are so much tastier than boxed, ready made tostada shells.

On Thursday, what happens next depends on what’s left. Shredded chicken can be used in chicken stew, chicken salad sandwiches, or in crock-pot chicken barbecue. My family loves my chicken barbecue on hamburger buns served with coleslaw or potato salad.

We keep a jug of fresh tea in the refrigerator, and water is always available. Fresh lemon slices in a glass of ice water are refreshing. Soft drinks are okay in moderation, but they are expensive and unhealthy. Kool-Aid has a delicious pink lemonade drink mix. Real lemon juice also makes simple and tasty lemonade; the recipe is usually on their label. Tea and lemonade contain sugar, but they are certainly tasty and affordable alternatives to sodas.

I do not cook the same meals each week. This is just an example of a Mexican style menu for one week. There are many other alternatives that include fresh ground beef, sirloin steak, red beans, potatoes, other bean varieties, and rice dishes. If you use a bit of imagination, you can come up with many ideas of your own to stretch your food dollar during tough times by simply planning your meals in advance.

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